Having raced endure astride a Honda in my youth, I spent a long time looking at the Japanese brand quads until a motorbike mechanictold me of his experience with the Chinese Loncin engines that changed his mind (and mine) about their worth. I settled on a pink quad for my daughter aged 6 and of course a blue one for my 7 year old son and as far as their concerned there is not a better looking bike than the Warrior 70. My purchase experience was as near to perfect as it gets and I was able to buy helmets gloves and body armour for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. All up my bill was half of the cost of one Japanese 50cc without the gear.

The children have since made the quads their number one activity, perfect for getting them out doors regardless of the weather. As they gain skill they tend to deal more punishment to the bikes and they have handled everything thus far. The only part I have had to replace due to a small crash was a plastic foot guard and the cost made me laugh it was so cheep. The guys had it in stock and it was delivered pronto. My only regret is that there was not a bigger version for dad.


- Mark

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