We were looking for some pit bikes on the net and we came across NZ Motor Factory and we ended up getting three Forza 125 pit bikes. When we first got them we originally thought that they wouldn't last long with all of our motor cross background. We have now had the bikes for around 2 months now and they have fully been pushed to the limits.

The bikes will get to a top speed of 85 km/h which is quick for the overall size of the bike. This bike has all round good speed and power plenty of fun and laughs. The three of us have also made a motor cross track with jumps of up to 6m. We knew this would probably damage the bikes as they have not be made for it however, the bikes have held up fine with normal wear and tear expected. This included damaged clutch and brake cables, and leavers .

Therefore, the NZ Motor Factory option of the spear parts kit is a great option for riders. When needed the factory has all the available spear parts on offer including graphic kits and modifications parts to make the overall look of the bike your own. I would recommend these bikes to anyone who wants fun without spending thousands of dollars. We all agree its money well spent on these bikes.


Joesph Nelson

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