What an awesome range of pit bikes you have. The first impressions are the decals and design of the plastics are really eye-catching these bikes really stand out from the other pit bikes you will see.Although we live in Christchurch, the four bikes we ordered (2x 140cc and 2x70 cc) arrived in perfect condition, extremely well packaged, and very cheap freight. Then the exciting bit of putting the bikes together, basic stuff like wheels, bar clamps (handle bars), footpegs, plastics and rear shock. This process is very simple and does not take long but it is worth taking your time and doing it properly, the kids also helped as well. Then the fun begins.

The two Forza 70cc were for our six year old daughter and nine year old son so after showing them where the brakes are, how you start it and how you change gear, they were away, enjoying a great new adventure. We then took all our bikes out to the local riverbed where there are dirt tracks, shingle roads and tight single tracks in pine forest, riding to suit everyone’s ability.

After putting the Forza 140cc bikes though a few paces it was very noticeable that the motors are surprisingly powerful and yet well matched to a frame and suspension that could handle most types of terrain we subjected the bikes to. The stock 140cc bikes are not fully race kitted but will definitely not disappoint in their stunning performance and fun factor for a very low price. Well done guys keep up the good work.


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