I purchased the bike Forza FXR 155Z from www.nzmotorfactory.co.nz about 3 months ago, which is there Ready to race model and not to be confused with the Forza FMX series which are there lead in pit bikes. I did some extensive research on the net on all sorts of pit bikes before making my purchase and found the FXR 155z to be the one for me. The guys at Nz Motor Factory were extremely friendly and helped me as much as they could with questions I had, I mainly dealt with Frank but everyone there is very helpful.

As with most pit bikes these are made in China, when I picked it up I opted for the non assembled one as I wanted to build the bike from the ground up. Armed with a bottle of lock tight it was time to take every bolt out and make sure all of them had a nice dose of lock tight, I recommend doing this to any pit bike purchased, then you wont have any bits flying like most the jokers out there who take it for a fang as soon as they get it and then bitch about the build afterwards, just remember MADE IN CHINA! Another important part is to make sure everything that needs greasing, to take it apart and apply the grease accordingly. 

The build is actually really good for what you pay and having looked at a Pitster Pro first hand I must say that Forza really have a great product for the price difference, great bang for buck value here.The Forza's suspension, brakes and engine are right on par with the Pitster Pro, the only thing I can fault it on are the clickers on the Forza's forks can feel a little mushy, but the Fast Ace rear shock is fantastic and works really well (as do the front forks). Forks have both compression and rebound adjustments which is great for dialing them in.

What really impressed me the most was the compression, MAN does that little engine have some compression for a little 155cc and almost sounds like a 250F, rated at 17hp it has plenty of punch, 4 gears on this little puppy are all up shift as most pit bikes, I recommend using Motul oil, drain it before you even start it and fill her back up with 900ml of Motul Oil, after that the gears should shift beautifully right through. The frame is solid and has yet to show any signs of breaking, after doing all the jumps at dome valley I am actually very surprised that nothing has broken, one thing that was a let down was the foot pegs, when I assembled it the foot pegs were tilted upwards naturally and had to do a little bit of grinding to get them level but nothing major (Pitster Pro seem to have the same problem so must be a china thing). Another thing that was a let down was the tank bolt on the right hand side, the bolt was threaded and could be undone with my fingers, easiest way to fix it was to drill right through the frame and and hold the tank on with one long bolt going right through.

The Alloy swing arm is super solid and cleans up very well aslo i must add, we actually run 2 different wheel size depending on which track we ride, for instance at dome valley we run a 17" front with a 14" rear as its a fast and chopped up track, but from smaller tracks we would run the standard 14" front and 12" rear, the swing arm has no problem adjusting to the 14" rear.

The controls are good, I much prefer the BMX style handle bars (which come with the bike) over Fat bars but thats just a personal preference, the grips are really good straight out the bat and the one push stop button works every time, and having gone through a few bike wash its still holding up great. The alloy 12" rear and 14" front are great and Maxxis tires are also good but make sure to check the pressure in the tires before going for a ride tho as they can vary. The seat is comfortable and the seat cover not super grippy but thats ok with me as i dont like them too grippy, its is also easily removable with 2 bolts on the underside, i added 2 oversized washers to them as i felt it would be better, up to you if you wish to do this. 

The Good:
Great suspension out of the box
Solid engine 
Great brakes
Very light 
Being able to run 14" rear and 17" front with no issues and easily i might add

The Bad:
Little things like the foot pegs and tank bolt
No rear suspension cover
Forged kick start is a little hard to use as it slips away from you when kick starting.
Carb is hard to tune as the screw in under it, but it works great after fine tuning.

Overall I think this is a great product and in my eye's would be hard to get a better bike for the price.


- Dean Carter & Vetearii Thomas (X 450 Motorcross Riders)

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