I have had my Forza FXR155Z SE for just over a year. I did quite a lot looking around before I bought it as there are a lot on the market. This Forza was clearly head and shoulders above all the others on both quality and price. It arrived well packed and was very easy to assemble. Build quality was instantly obvious, I decided on the twin spar frame model as I am quite heavy and ride aggressively. I fitted an hour meter to it straight away so I could keep an accurate track of when to do oil changes.


Riding this thing is a total blast. The engine is fantastic. It revs to the moon and makes great power in standard trim, sounds awesome too! The handling is superb. I have ridden competitively on and off for many years and this bike can handle the rough as good, if not better than most of the full size race bikes I have owned. The suspension is absolutely brilliant. There is nothing quite like riding around the outside of a RMZ450 on a tight corner!


With the exception of one or two loose bolts, which is to be expected with a new bike, I have had a trouble free run and have no problem highly recommending this model to anyone looking for a serious toy. I just can't get enough of it!!

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